The Royal Tenenbaums (20/04)

This film had me cackling like a rhesus monkey. An all-star cast (Gene Hackman, Ben Stiller, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelica Huston and Owen Wilson) portray a disfunctional family like you've never seen. Imagine a family with as many problems as the soap families we see on tv every day, now add into the mix the fact that they are all lapsed geniuses and incredibly wealthy.

To try and explain this movie in words is like trying to wrestle a greased pig. I left this film wondering exactly how Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson had written it, I could imagine the basic concept but putting the dark humour and character detail into place makes this film magical beyond the usual dross Hollywood fare.

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Time for a rant (20/04)

Like a lot of fans I'm really excited about the release of Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring on DVD. Rumours have been flying around stating that there will be multiple versions of the film all with differing features and release dates. So far it seems a Directors cut, 2-Disc version and a 4-Disc version (4?!!) are planned for release. This makes it extremely hard to choose which to buy. This could well be an idea from the studio to milk fans of their money. All fans want is well produced DVD with a decent transer, good sound and lots of extras. I myself would like the option to view the film before editing which was over three and a half hours long. More news on this possible scam as I get it.

Y Tu Mamá También (18/04)

I wasn't sure what to expect from this film. I've seen the trailer a couple of times but with a little nudge from my flat mate we went to see it at the Tyneside Cinema. I can only describe it as a lewd, funny road/coming of age movie. There was enough nudity to warrant not taking either your parents or a first date along, it did add to the comedic 'shock factor' though.

One interesting feature are the sudden pauses at seemingly random points when a voice over explains often irrelevant facts about characters and locations in the movie. Some of them were decidedly political showing a darker side to Mexico and its politicians. Overall I enjoyed the film very much and afterwards there were many talking points, if you are a fan of foreign cinema and like a few laughs I advise you go along.

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Usual Suspects DVD... (17/04)

If like me you've been holding out for a half decent version of this film your wait is over! The Special Edition has been released Region 1 and Region 2 is due 29/04/2002. By all accounts the discs are pretty evenly matched with Region 2 having an extra 6 minute documentary and Region 1 the option of full-screen 4:3 playback. I'm going to hold out for the Region 2 version.

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